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We Make Antiques of The Future

meet the artists

Clody Cates


If It's Not Fun Run


It is the colors, the textures, the infinite nuances of light and shadow. It is the feel, the smell, and the touch. It is getting dirty like a little kid and using my whole body in the making of each piece. It’s creating beauty out of the mundane. It is not knowing, but channeling that allows me to create art which makes the viewer think and feel, these are the things that drive me to go further in my endless exploration of material and form.
Gaige Qualmann


I think I have Artism


Few people have known for their whole lives what they’d be when they grow up. For me, it was never a question. The feeling of satisfaction that I get from making something beautiful is the only proof I need to know that I am on my true path. The idea of expression being more important than craftsmanship seems lazy to me. So I’m countering that as a self taught Artistic Craftsman. Nature is my muse, my hands are my allies, my art speaks for itself.

Buying One Is Forever