Who & What is CopperFlora

Welcome to CopperFlora were we make the antiques of the future

CopperFlora is Clody Cates and Gaige Qualmann

We make organic copper sculptures that are inspired by the beauty of the ultimate artist, Mother Nature
Upcycling used plumbing and other copper parts, our process is half blacksmith and half jeweler
We create each piece with simple hand tools giving them a life-like look and feel

Purplethumb Friendly

Plants raise the vibration of any space, making us feel better, but let’s face it, not everyone is a natural greenthumb
CopperFlora flowers and plants are maintenance free, always in bloom and will retain their stunning aesthetic even amongst the most formidable, purplest thumbs out there!

Why Copper?

Copper has a warm, soft feel not found in other metals
It brought humankind out of the stone age over 10,000 years ago, which is why it’s called the world’s oldest metal. It doesn’t rust or degrade no matter where it is or for how long – which means it’ll last pretty much forever indoors or outdoors 
Copper is also said to have spiritual and physical healing properties

Special Thanks 

Ken Griswa who introduced us to this incredibly versatile medium

NIMBY Space where CopperFlora was born

Visit our profile pages to see more of what else we make

We love making Orchids and Roses and also welcome any specific requests

Everything you see in our store is ready to ship
Our creating process is from October to January, if you are looking for custom pieces please contact us to make arrangements

Each sculpture is signed and numbered by us the artists

Thank You for your support